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Nonprofit Websites: Making Your Investment Count

By now, you probably already know that your nonprofit needs a website. Gone are the days of relying solely on phone calls, mailings, and event marketing to raise money and engage new donors. An optimized online presence is crucial to expanding your reach. It’s not just an expense, it’s an investment. Your website serves as a digital…

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4 Key Elements to a Successful Moves Management Program

A well-developed moves management program can provide a powerful foundation for your major gift cultivation strategy.  But where to begin?  Pitching a new process at work can be intimidating, so we’re taking out the guesswork to make it easier. Here’s everything you need to know about launching a successful moves management program: What is Moves Management?…

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Meet NeonMoves: Neon’s New App, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Did you miss our recent webinar on the impact of artificial intelligence in the nonprofit space? No worries! You can check out a recording below. For a demonstration of the NeonMoves app, skip to 37:55 During this webinar, we introduced our newest, most exciting nonprofit technology solution — The NeonMoves app. Keep reading to learn more…

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Introducing the Neon One Academy Elite Series

Earlier this year, we launched Neon One Academy — our official training and certification program. Since then, we’ve received a great response both our clients and partners. To celebrate, we’re kicking off an exciting new program: the Neon One Academy Elite Series. Each quarter, we’ll be spotlighting high performers within the Academy to congratulate them on their…

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Donor Personas: The Secret to Strategic Nonprofit Communications

Know your audience. Know your audience. Know your audience. You may be tired of hearing it from your communications team, but deep down you know they have a point…right? Your audiences are the groups of people who are going to help you achieve your strategic goals in the near and long-term future – by donating,…

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4 Membership Engagement Mistakes Organizations Make (And How to Fix Them)

While we all strive for sustainable, effective membership engagement, the unfortunate truth is that many organizations with membership programs aren’t making the most of their member stewardship efforts.

Chances are, your organization has tried a number of member retention strategies in your time, and it may be hard to effectively assess which efforts have worked well (and which have fallen short).

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